Web Design Trend: Social Media Integration

Social-Media-IconsThe internet is a social thing. Even if we use it for entertainment, whether it’s comment fields, like/dislike buttons or sharing buttons, the element of social interaction is still there. Why this trend of integrating networks into websites? There are several aspects.

Comfort is one of them. If the users don’t have to create an account to leave a comment on a post, they will be more likely to comment or leave some sort of input. By using an already existing account, users stay within their comfort zone and even receive notifications so that they can further participate in the discussion.

Activity on a site is great for search engine optimization (SEO), so being connected to many social networks will help improve your ranking in searches. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should go crazy and link to every single network there is, but at least the major ones like Facebook and Twitter, and you should still allow the user to share via others, even if you’re not using them. Again, the more activity and mentions, the better.

Posting content on other networks lightens the load on the server. There are even some sites that don’t use their own commenting system, instead relying on Facebook integration. In a way, it’s risky, but the advantages of being spread out on several networks with millions of users severely outweigh the slim chance that one of them will go down. Even if it would crash, it wouldn’t take long for it to get fixed.

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